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       Boat Communication and Management System

LucoTech, Inc.  


BoatSys is a part of our effective management software product for your inland water operation business. It handles most of the daily work for the tow boat, tug boat, and most other vessels which need to report activities to the office. It greatly lowers the boat operating cost.


If you are interested in our software please contact us for a web demo.

Current Version Features: 

  • Near Real Time GPS-Map Tracking   BoatSys can offer you near real-time boat position data on a map for you to make your decision quicker and easier. You can also see the history track as many years back as you want.
  • Boat/Barge Daily Log   With its user friendly interface BoatSys will streamline your boat routine work and make crew's work much easier. Future version will create an invoice and automatically work with other boat/barge management software. Main features include Boat Logs, Barge Heater Log, Barge Temperature log, Accident and its Pictures, Crew, Safety, Boat/Barge Fueling, Barge Inspection, etc.
  • Engine Room Log  Various activities log for main engines, generators, reduction gears...
  • Automatically Email Alter on Traffic Sumary, Sync Status, Reports and Warnings
  • Equipment Maintenance Schedule
  • Boat Order with Instant Status Notification  Office can send an order to boats and acknowledge in a minute when boat crew read the order or any order status changes.
  • Fleeting Management / Auto Rate Quote & Billing  a new model in BoatSys. It can either get data from BoatSys Log or enter data seperately. The system also generates the invoice by processing the log data . The automatic rate quote module will save users a great deal of time.
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Vessel General Permit (VGP)
  • Auto Email Alert on Traffic Summary,Sync Status,Reports and Warnings.
  • U.S. Waterway Tax Calculation  Automatically calculate state and federal water way tax.
  • Grocery/Supply/First Aid Order    BoatSys can save your business tremendous time for both boat crew and office staff.
  • Safety/Accident/Incident   Including accident detail/pictures safety meetings, safety drills. 
  • Automatically Input Certain Log Data
  • Internal Boat Mail   A special designed boat electronic mail system. A sender will acknowledge it when the receiver reads it.
  • Web-based Reports
  • Outlook Style User Interface  like drag and drop, dynamic refreshed dropdown list, outlook style activity group etc.
  • All Data Revisable
  • Online New Version Update
  • Most Cost-effective Remote Data Synchronization
  • Internet Map Fleet Tracking  Users will be able to get their boat/barge position on the internet
  • The online automatic version update
  • BoatSys can be customized to meet our client's business requirements.
  • Using wireless internet technology, BoatSys costs a fraction (10%~30%) of what satellite operation does (An unlimited data wireless monthly subscription fee is only $40 -80/month).