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BoatSys is our software product which will handle most of daily work for the tow boat, tug boat, and most other vessels which need to report their activities to the office. It can also track any moving targets at real-time using GPS and show them on a map. 
BoatSys client can be operated online or offline. It will automatically synchronize data with the office (server) as soon as the boat has internet connection (wireless and wired). Unlike a web application, BoatSys is a smart client software. It runs fast and smooth and will not lose any data when it loses the connection to the internet. All the data is cached and stored in the local machine.  All the transactions are handled in the background.

Screen Shots

Please click the pictures to see the detailed image.

A Boat Moving Track History 


Boat Logs-Various Kinds of Boat Activities


More Screen Shots and Reports:


  • Crew On and Off--Drag and Drop Input for Crew.  Crew on Board is calculated automatically by system from crew on and off activities. No special data input is needed. To input a crew log, you can double click the pop up grid to copy one row, Drag and Drop for any rows or Copy All for all rows. This makes inputting much easier.
  • Barge Fueling-- Drag and Drop Input for any operations in tow barges.   Barges in tow are calculated by system from pickup and drop off activities. Similar feature as Crew  On/Off. 
  • Boat Orders -- Office can see instantly if the boat reads the order or any order status changes
  • Boat Mail -- Office can see the mail status if boat reads the mail
  • User Privilege Security Levels Policy--To protect certain data from group users
  • Map Shows With/Without Network Signals--Yellow triangles show the no network signal spots.
  • Fleeting Management  This module handles various fleeting related work, like shift, mid stream in and out, hourly job, tramping… It has an automatic rate quote system with which users can get a base rate and user defined special rates for different conditions.
  • Temperature Logs
  • Heater Logs
  • Barge Cargo Inspection
  • Reports Examples


    System Requirements


    PC 512 RAM (or PDA in the future)

    GPS receiver

    Wireless internet for the boat (moving target)

    Microsoft Windows 2000 or later

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005

    Microsoft Map Point (optinal for the boat)